Hokay, so I want a machine somewhere that can do the following things:

  1. Be geographically diverse
  2. Be stable
  3. Have “lots” of storage (1+TB)
  4. Have low latency to wherever I’m currently living for the sake of AFS
  5. Be able to itself virtualize hardware so that I can run a few different OSs

Basically, this all means that I need a dedicated server somewhere not too far away which has a new enough CPU to do virtualization and 1+TB of disk(s).

Dedicated server options

Here I explore the cheapest options from each provider that gives me 1+TB of storage and 8GB of memory as of Feb 17, 2015.

Vultr, Backupsy, EC2, Joyent, etc

Not dedicated machines; can’t run virtualization within. If things were cheap enough, it might be worthwhile to run what I want to virtualize as separate instances on these sorts of services. These are also prohibitively expensive unless the provider has a “storage” offering, like Backupsy and Vultr’s “SATA” VPSs.


Kimsufi seems to be the cheapest overall. Currently using a KS–3:

$21/month gets you:


DataShack looks promising, and is actually US-based.

$32/month gets you:

$49/month gets you:

$59/month gets you: