Quick guide to installing MooseFS on OSX Yosemite

First, install osxfuse using the installer. (Homebrew can’t install this right now because Yosemite requires signed kexts.)

We’ll use Homebrew for the rest:

  1. brew tap tcreech/homebrew-moosefs
  2. brew install --with-pkg-config mfs
  3. cp /usr/local/etc/mfs/mfsmount.cfg.dist /usr/local/etc/mfs/mfsmount.cfg
  4. Verify you’ve built mfsmount: rehash && mfsmount --version

The only tricky part about the Homebrew build is getting the configure script to find FUSE in order to build mfsmount. The above is barely tested, so you might have to brew install --interactive mfs in order to persuade things to work.