FreeBSD packages

I run a poudriere instance to build latest FreeBSD packages intended to be supplemental/compatible with the vanilla packages.

The builds are done out of my freebsd-ports fork, which is automatically synchronized with the upstream ports tree multiple times per day.

Existing ports are unmodified but tend to be built with pulseaudio options disabled in favor of sndio.

For example, to check for differences:

$ diff <(pkg rquery -r FreeBSD '%o: %Ok %Ov' virtual_oss) \
       <(pkg rquery -r tcreech '%o: %Ok %Ov' virtual_oss)
< audio/virtual_oss: HTTPD off
< audio/virtual_oss: SNDIO off
> audio/virtual_oss: HTTPD on
> audio/virtual_oss: SNDIO on

Additional ports of interest

Here are some interesting additional ports:

OpenAFS ports

The net/openafs-devel port contains non-trivial but possibly beta-quality changes enhancing the FreeBSD client. For example, it contains changes to support FreeBSD 13 and process authentication groups. (The PAG support allows more secure use of the client in jails.)

The packages are available via HTTP or AFS:

To use them, you can fetch into /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/.

If you somehow find this and end up using my packages, please let me know.